BDF joins 2018 International Day of Solidarity with antifascist prisoner in Bulgaria Jock Palfreeman and BPRA

July 25th, 2018 – International day of solidarity with Jock Palfreeman and Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association (BPRA). For more information, call: phone (US) 917-921-1453, Deliana Simeonova, or email:

photo JP

Jock Palfreeman, Australian, serves a sentence in Bulgaria for defending two Roma/Gypsy men from an attack by a large group of young, violent, racist, neo-nazi criminals. While in prison, Jock Palfreeman created the first in the history of Bulgaria union for the representation of rights of inmates, current and former. Because of his activism, and the successes of BPRA in the defense of human rights, and the fact that they are a strong voice against what constitutes the major problem of Bulgaria – corruption, the Bulgarian government has subjected Jock Palfreeman to physical violence, psychological torture and unlawful punishments. They have inflicted the same on current and future members of BPRA. Their assaults, not only utterly outside the law, have been outright sadistic, for many years now.

At this moment, the Bulgarian government’s unlawful, sadistic assaults on Jock Palfreeman and BPRA are at a height, with declared intent for continuation in the next two years. This is happening in the context of pretenses on part of the Bulgarian government for commitment to the European Union principles of “rehabilitation” in prison. And in the context of multi-million euro revenues, coming soon to the Bulgarian government from European sources, for the purposes of prison rehabilitation.

Jock Palfreeman acted and continues to act to protect our communities from violent racist, neo-nazi forces who kill and beat, torment and assault people, with growing license – in Bulgaria and all over the world. BPRA leads the way in Bulgaria, Europe and the world as a community guard against violence, a defender of the Rule-of-Law, and a fighter against corruption. Other people get paid salaries for this kind of work, and other organizations get grants for it. Jock Palfreeman and BPRA do not, but they still do the work with greatest commitment.

If you can’t join the July 25th International Day of Solidarity, please sign the petition – your signature matters:…

And/or, send an Open Letter to the Bulgarian government. Download it here:

No pasarán! Hasta la victoria siempre!

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